Travellers are Craving a Culture Shock

Pounamu in Christchurch

According to recent research by booking.com, half of travellers want to experience a culture shock when they travel; somewhere with a totally different culture and language from their own. Almost three-quarters want to be completely out of their comfort zone. These findings show there is a demand for niche, immersive experiences.

Back to simpler times

Perhaps surprisingly, 90% of Gen Z travellers say they want nostalgic travel experiences, reminiscent of simpler times when technology was not a dominating force in our daily lives. This desire to get back to basics and have authentic, meaningful experiences where they can switch off from the grid and escape the stresses of modern life is something we were seeing before the COVID-19 pandemic and is now even more relevant.

Immersive experiences and learning new skills

58% of global travellers are looking for ways to brush up on their survival skills like making a fire, foraging for food and making a meal, and how to find a source of clean water in nature. Travelling is increasingly becoming a way for people to develop themselves, acquire new skills, and have unique experiences that are different from their daily lives.

BeKiwi offers authentic Māori cultural experiences, where travellers can learn how to harvest and weave with flax, learn about local Māori legends, hear traditional chants and songs, enjoy a traditional hāngi lunch, or have an unforgettable and enriching cultural experience spending time with Māori hosts.

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