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A world of new adventures

Travel represents many things to different people and for Gen Z, travel is the perfect opportunity to broaden their horizons, discover new and exciting experiences and develop their knowledge and skills.

New research from the YouGov Travel and Tourism Report 2022 confirms young travellers are craving adventure and excitement when travelling, including heading to remote destinations and taking part in physical activities and sports. They also said they were seeking enriching experiences that allowed for personal growth and development – 22% travel for educational purposes, 18% to learn a new skill, and 30% to broaden their horizons.

This new generation (aged 18-24 years) is part of an active and social community, where new experiences are captured and shared widely amongst their community and online. BeKiwi is the perfect place for these adventure seekers to connect with meaningful experiences that they can share with others!

A time of learning

Your late teens and early 20s are such informative years when your identity is shaped and values and opinions are formed. These are the years of important life milestones – experiencing real independence, exploring relationships, leaving home for the first time and stepping out into the world.

Travel has always been an important developmental right of passage for young people. It is a time for new experiences, developing future skills such as budgeting and time management, and gaining independence. At BeKiwi, we see every experience as an opportunity for personal growth and development.

On top of this, with the events of the last few years, young people have grown up with an unprecedented awareness of important global issues such as climate change, their own impact on the environment, natural resource depletion and protection, natural disasters, health crises, equality and diversity. It’s only natural that Generation Z wants to be conscientious members of society and seek out travel experiences that reflect that.

Do good, be good

More than ever before, 18-24-year-olds are eager for travel experiences with more meaning and are motivated by the desire to give back to the community – seeking out volunteering trips and ecotourism. When young people travel, they crave real-life experiences that allow them to understand more about local culture, foods and traditions, and they actively seek to financially support local communities and small businesses where they can.

For Generation Z, travel is about more than just getting a good photo to share on social media. It’s about doing good things for the environment and local communities, and leaving a better person, with acquired future skills they can take with them into further education or their careers.

YouGov is an international online research data and analytics technology group. Read their full report here.

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