Live, learn and work on an organic farm

A WWOOF’ing Holiday

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (WWOOF) pairs NZ Working Holiday Visa holders interested in self-sufficient living with host families on organic farms and homesteads. In exchange for food and accommodation, workers get hands-on experience with all the day-to-day practical skills involved in farm life.

Live like a Kiwi and build strong connections

During your stay you will spend time with your host family, getting involved in everyday family activities like cooking, sharing mealtimes and stories together, and building friendships.

Living with locals gives you an immersive cultural experience unlike any other; there is no better way to get to know the spirit of the New Zealand people than by spending time with locals. You are sure to get plenty of helpful tips about the local area too!

Sharing knowledge and experiences

A WWOOF stay offers opportunities to try something new and put into practice things you have already learnt.

As well as getting to know your host family you will learn practical skills by joining in with the daily farming activities. From gardening, picking vegetables planting trees, feeding the animals, milking the cows and collecting eggs to painting the barn, fixing the fence and chopping the firewood, the skills you learn during your stay may just open up a new lifestyle or career choice for you when you return home, as well as giving you plenty to talk about in job interviews.

WWOOF’ing also offers opportunities for you to use your existing skills and experiences to benefit the people you are staying with. You have the chance to apply what you already know or have learned elsewhere to help your host family with something they really need around the farm or house.

A budget-friendly and enriching way to travel

Like all BeKiwi experiences, a WWOOF stay appeals to travellers looking for authentic and sustainable ways to discover New Zealand. Move between host farms using them as a base while you explore New Zealand. With free accommodation and food during your working stay, you can spend your travel budget on other life-changing and memorable experiences.

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