Horse Treks & ‘Woofing’ with Seahorse Springs

Stay 2 nights on this working Pataua North farm and try ‘woofing’ (this means helping out on the farm in exchange for accommodation). Take part in all farm activities such as learning to milk a cow, making yoghurt and cheese, feeding calves, grooming horses and looking after horses, harvesting garden produce, exploring edible weeds and cooking over a campfire. Farm work such as weeding or cleaning stables is also part of your woofing experience.

Take horse treks on the farm and nearby Pataua Beach with your host, Vikki at Seahorse Springs. In your free time, explore neighbouring Tahi Honey bush walks. This experience includes two nights’ accommodation in a separate cabin with shared bathroom facilities and shared meals in the main house. All food is included.

Social Protocols

  1. Respect the environment - You will be out in nature for this experience so please help protect our environment by taking all your rubbish with you.
  2. Be considerate of others - You’ll be part of a group, so it’s important to be kind and courteous.
  3. Be sun smart - Make sure you bring sunblock to protect yourself from the Kiwi sun (even on cloudy days!)
  4. Wear your old clothes - This is a hands on experience where it's okay to dress casually, as your clothes may get a bit dirty while you're having fun!

Cultural Protocols

  1. Be a respectful visitor - You will be a guest during this experience, so please be respectful. Two important Māori customs are to take your shoes off indoors and avoid sitting on tables or pillows.
  2. Don't be shy - Kiwis are very friendly, open people so this experience is a great opportunity to not be shy, smile lots and make some new friends.
  3. Sharing kai (food) - You will be sharing food as part of this experience, so please wait until you are invited to eat. There may also be a prayer (karakia) to bless the food before it is eaten.
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