Dragonfly Springs Wetland Sanctuary: Restore Native Land in Whangārei

The Sanctuary Project keeps getting bigger by the day and has been supported along the way by hundreds of volunteers. This is a wonderful chance to learn more about the natural environment, including the important role of wetlands and all the natural biodiversity they attract. This is a very social and friendly place, where everyone has a laugh and enjoys what we do. Come and join us!

There are many different roles available for volunteers at the sanctuary:
– Help propagate and grow native plants to supply the sanctuary and other community environmental enhancement projects
– Maintain and protect existing plantings by weeding, tree releasing and pest plant control
– Grass mowing, line trimming etc
– Light construction work

Social Protocols

  1. Respect the environment - You will be out in nature for this experience so please help protect our environment by taking all your rubbish with you.
  2. Be a great listener - Have fun and stay safe by following instructions carefully.
  3. Be sun smart - Make sure you bring sunblock to protect yourself from the Kiwi sun (even on cloudy days!)
  4. Wear your old clothes - This is a hands on experience where it's okay to dress casually, as your clothes may get a bit dirty while you're having fun!

Cultural Protocols

  1. Be on time - While the experience will be a relaxed one, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to arrive early so you don't keep your guides and others waiting.
  2. Don't be shy - Kiwis are very friendly, open people so this experience is a great opportunity to not be shy, smile lots and make some new friends.
  3. Hello and goodbye in Māori - If you want to start practising some basic Māori phrases, you could try using ‘Kia ora’ (hello) and ‘Ka kite’ (goodbye).
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