Woodturning for Beginners in Dargaville

Take part in a wood turning course for beginners with Master Woodturner, Rick Taylor! Learn to use all the tools in the workshop to create your own designs from wood. You will learn how to use a lathe and cut timber, as well as woodturning and finishing. Make a tealight candle holder from ancient kauri wood with a swamp test age of 3,860 years to take home.

Rick Taylor has been wood turning for over 30 years and offers tuition in wood turning. From basic 1 day beginners course through to advance wood turning. individual tuition can be arranged for any day. This is individual tuition. Your workshop runs from 8.30am till 4.30pm and all wood is included. We provide drink at morning/afternoon tea and lunch.

Social Protocols

  1. Be a great listener - Have fun and stay safe by following instructions carefully.
  2. Be patient - You'll be working as part of a group, so make sure to be patient and wait your turn - we like to be fair and give everyone a go.
  3. Please and thank you - A friendly reminder to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ lots for all the people who will be helping you during this experience.
  4. Wear your old clothes - This is a hands on experience where it's okay to dress casually, as your clothes may get a bit dirty while you're having fun!

Cultural Protocols

  1. A chance to relax - This experience is one way Kiwis like to relax and enjoy life so it will seem very relaxed. Have fun, enjoy slowing down (away from work or study) and relax!
  2. Be on time - While the experience will be a relaxed one, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to arrive early so you don't keep your guides and others waiting.
  3. Don't be shy - Kiwis are very friendly, open people so this experience is a great opportunity to not be shy, smile lots and make some new friends.
  4. Permission for photos - If you are taking photos that include other people, always ask them first if they are happy for their photograph to be taken.
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