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With more and more competition building in the job market in New Zealand, it’s important to show your future employer unique skills and experiences that will help you stand out from the rest. BeKiwi is a great way for you to find a huge range of experiences around New Zealand that will help you gain or develop skills. As well as easily tracking what you have learnt in an easy-to-manage way to help you snag that job!


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Build Your Skillset

Your skillset is what will set you apart from the other applicants. Use the search filters on BeKiwi to customise your experience and make it more relevant to your future career by choosing relevant future skills. This means if you’re looking to improve your communication skills, you can search for experiences in your area on BeKiwi that will help you do this. Employers are always looking for individuals with a diverse CV which we can help you achieve. A new skill set could also give you the edge that gets you your dream job.

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Find Diverse Experiences

There is a range of diverse experiences on BeKiwi so you can find one that will suit your needs and abilities. Whether you are looking for an activity to fill in your weekend plans or you want to get out and help the community by volunteering, there are so many opportunities for everyone. It’s important you have diverse experiences as they allow you to learn a range of skills while widening your knowledge and understanding of the world around you – a critical advantage of any employee!

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Track what you have learnt

By creating an account with BeKiwi you can track what you have learnt and transfer those skills through to your future jobs. Having a broader range of skills makes you more flexible and can mean you meet the criteria for a wider range of roles and jobs. Keeping track of your experiences on BeKiwi allows you to have all your experiences and skills in one place so it is easy to find when writing your CV. or showing a future employer in an easy-to-manage way!

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Tell us a Story!

Through all the amazing experiences in BeKiwi, you will gain a lot of amazing stories. This is a great way to demonstrate to your employer exactly how you learned these skills and how they help you to problem-solve. Stories show what real-life experiences you have had and employers can see what skills you may have learnt along the way. They can also add interest to your personality and natural rapport building skills which can help you to relate to your co-workers and customers of the business. 


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