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We’re New Zealand’s home of sustainable travel experiences.  

If you’re seeking more meaningful experiences that will help you better connect with the communities and the whenua of NZ, BeKiwi is here for you!

BeKiwi helps conscientious travellers and businesses to discover more sustainable experiences that give back to the people and the land. including volunteering, travelling sustainably and learning valuable future skills. Live your values, learn valuable life skills, get hands-on and get connected!

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So what is BeKiwi and who is it for?

BeKiwi was first developed to help international students better connect with ‘real’ New Zealand travel experiences – including the people and the culture.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, BeKiwi has evolved to help travellers – and organisations – in New Zealand discover high-quality experiences to help them better connect with the community and environment, and genuinely demonstrate their own values while learning valuable knowledge and life skills.

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BeKiwi connects you with Aotearoa’s most meaningful travel experiences.

BeKiwi’s online platform offers a central hub where you can search for a range of quality experiential learning and travel opportunities across New Zealand that are focused on genuine partnerships with the community and environment.

The BeKiwi programme partners with organisations, agencies and the tourism industry to offer bespoke experiences for those partners looking to genuinely demonstrate their values, and help people connect with New Zealand more authentically. 

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BeKiwi reflects the change in how – and why – people are travelling New Zealand.

BeKiwi represents a change in how – and why – people are travelling, and getting out to experience the communities and environment.

BeKiwi represents a collection of unique, engaging and high quality experiences that allow travellers to connect in a much more meaningful way, whether it’s offsetting air miles, spending time with local people, or doing their bit to help the local environment. It’s about ‘give and take’ travelling, that encourages more sustainable outcomes for our communities and environment.

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BeKiwi shows how experiential learning is linked to skills needed for the future.

Every BeKiwi experience has tangible values and learning outcomes linked to future skills that have been identified as being critical for success in the 21st century. BeKiwi experiences help you to connect with and discover Kiwi culture, learn relevant social and cultural protocols and understand important future skills like leadership and resilience. No matter how fast technology advances, skills like leadership, empathy (caring for others) and good communication will always be critical.

BeKiwi Illustrations

Keen to talk to the team behind BeKiwi? 

BeKiwi is a new programme that is continuing to grow and evolve. We’d love to talk to you about partnership opportunities that can deliver genuine and sustainable outcomes. 

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