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We’re NZ’s home of youth travel experiences.  

If you’re young and into travelling and exploring the world around you, BeKiwi is here for you!

BeKiwi helps you better connect with meaningful travel experiences – including volunteering, travelling sustainably and learning valuable future skills. Get hands-on, have fun and try something new!

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So how did BeKiwi come about and who is it for?

BeKiwi was first developed to help international students better connect with ‘real’ New Zealand travel experiences – including the people and the culture.

Since then, BeKiwi has evolved to help ALL young travellers in New Zealand discover high-quality experiences so you can better connect with our beautiful country, learn valuable new skills and improve your future opportunities.

Tu Tika tours Whangarei

BeKiwi connects you with Aotearoa’s best travel experiences.

BeKiwi offers a central hub where you can search for a range of quality experiential learning and travel opportunities across New Zealand.

BeKiwi experiences are all especially designed to help you connect with and discover Kiwi culture, learn relevant social and cultural protocols and understand important future skills like leadership and resilience.

Person planting tree in New Zealand

BeKiwi shows how experiential learning is linked to skills needed for the future.

Every BeKiwi experience has tangible learning outcomes linked to future skills that have been identified as being critical for success in the 21st century. We all know the world is changing fast and that you need to prepare yourself for what the world will look like in 10, 20 and 30 years. No matter how fast technology advances, skills like leadership, empathy (caring for others) and good communication will be critical.

Group of people paddle boarding in New Zealand

BeKiwi represents a new way of showing how – and why – young people can travel.

BeKiwi will become the ‘go to’ for all young travellers all New Zealanders wanting something different, like the opportunity to make a pavlova, help with a beach clean up, take honey from a beehive, bungy jump, design your own t-shirt or sail a yacht in Aotearoa.

We envisage BeKiwi becoming a global showcase of uniquely Kiwi destination experiences that will help young people prepare for their future.

BeKiwi Illustrations

Keen to talk to the team behind BeKiwi? 

BeKiwi is a new platform that is continuing to grow with new listings added every week. If you’d like to find out more about where we’re heading, we’d love to hear from you.

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