Tips for Solo Travel Around New Zealand

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Are you craving a solo adventure where you’re the boss? Travelling alone gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want when you want to, without having to compromise for anyone else.

New Zealand is one of the safest known countries for people wanting to travel solo because of our friendly locals and accessible adventures. So if you’re wanting to step outside your comfort zone New Zealand solo travel is where it’s at! 


Why travel solo?

  • Travel in your own time-travelling by yourself means that you have total control to truly make your trip your own
  • Find your passion – solo travel helps you find passions you didn’t know you had and gives you a chance to find out what you’re capable of
  • Grow your confidence – after taking the big leap to solo travel you will gain a huge amount of confidence which will help you in all aspects of your life
  • Realise your independence – travelling on your own means you are in full control and are truly independent
  • Meet new friends – despite solo travel being independent you actually end up meeting heaps of like-minded people!

Tips and tricks for solo travel around NZ

Group standing on bus in Raglan
Go on a backpackers tour

Hop on a backpacker adventure tour around NZ with a bunch of travellers doing the same thing as you and you’ll make friends instantly! There are heaps of adventure tours in New Zealand that put on great trips for 18-35 years olds so you can see the awesome scenery while also making friends. WildKiwi Tours, Stray, Haka Tours and FlyingKiwi put on a few of our favourite tours.

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Plan the places you want to visit

Although New Zealand is a small country there is so much to see! So you need to plan out all the mountains, lakes and beaches you want to visit strategically before you set off.


Bunk beds in a hostel nz

Stay in hostels

Backpacker Hostels in New Zealand are known for their communal areas and dorm rooms where you can bump into other solo travellers. This is perfect for meeting new friends as you spark up a conversation while cooking your dinner or when you check into your dorm room.

Protecting native species Christchurch

Pack the essentials 

Do a little bit of research before you set off on your adventure on what the weather is like at that time of year. Make sure you bring the clothes and things you will depend on during your trip because it’s not fun having to spend money on extra clothes!

Christchurch view

Meet new people before you get there

There are heaps of other solo travellers like you in NZ who also want to meet other solo travellers. You’ll find each other easily through transport, accommodation, work and activities. But even before you start travelling you can join an NZ backpackers Facebook group to connect with some people doing the same thing as you. Click here for an awesome group to join

Giapo behind the scenes Auckland

Get some work experience 

Try staying in one place for a little while and get some work experience. Not only will it give you some spending cash but you can also use it as an opportunity to meet some new friends.

Friends having a picnic in New Zealand

Bring a pack of cards

Games are a great way to bring you and a stranger together. Break the ice and offer to play a card game when people are looking a little bored. It’s a lot of fun and will give you the confidence to approach people!

We have some great experiences to get you started on your solo adventure!

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