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What are communication skills?

Being a good communicator could be seen as one of the most important soft skills you can master. It’s the ability to clearly and effectively convey messages, feelings or ideas to other people.

Communication skills aren’t just limited to speaking, but also listening, body language and facial expressions.

Communication skills are extremely important for both your personal and professional life.

They are best developed through doing; when you are in challenging situations that require you to observe others and use communication to resolve problems.

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Why is it critical to your future?

No matter what kind of job you’re interviewing for, customer-facing or not, good communication skills are very important. Things like being able to present yourself confidently, actively listening, not interrupting, asking relevant questions and making eye contact are highly valued by employers.

Demonstrating these skills will help you to sell yourself, increasing your chances of landing the job. 

In the workplace, effective communication with managers and colleagues can help to avoid tension, build trust and create a space where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

Being able to listen and communicate your thoughts clearly will avoid confusion and ensure you understand instructions, leading to more productivity.

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