Cruise to Rotoroa Island & Guided Walk

Experience this Hauraki Gulf wildlife sanctuary, home to endangered native species including kiwi, tīeke, takahē, pāteke and skinks.

Rotoroa was closed to the public for more than 100 years, as home to NZ’s first addiction treatment centre. Rotoroa maintains historical buildings and exhibitions showcasing the island’s fascinating history. For a truly unique experience, you can even stay the night at the island’s boutique hostel or in a vintage holiday home.

Where is it?
Rotoroa Island is nestled among a chain of islets off Waiheke’s east coast – a 75-minute ferry ride from the Downtown Auckland ferry terminal. You can also catch this ferry from Orapiu Wharf on Waiheke Island, which is a 10-minute journey to the island.

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Social Protocols

  1. Respect the environment - You will be out in nature for this experience so please help protect our environment by taking all your rubbish with you.
  2. Be sun smart - Make sure you bring sunblock to protect yourself from the Kiwi sun (even on cloudy days!)
  3. Be considerate of others - You’ll be part of a group, so it’s important to be kind and courteous.
  4. Stay safe in the outdoors - Your guides know the environment better than anyone and are there to keep you safe; listen to ALL their instructions, ALL the time.

Cultural Protocols

  1. A chance to relax - This experience is one way Kiwis like to relax and enjoy life so it will seem very relaxed. Have fun, enjoy slowing down (away from work or study) and relax!
  2. Be a respectful visitor - You will be a guest during this experience, so please be respectful. Two important Māori customs are to take your shoes off indoors and avoid sitting on tables or pillows.
  3. Be on time - While the experience will be a relaxed one, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to arrive early so you don't keep your guides and others waiting.
  4. Outdoor eating - You can expect to be eating in the outdoors, which means finding a spot on the ground to sit and enjoy your meal - make the most of this ‘el fresco’ experience!
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