Overnight Honey Experience in Pataua North

Spend the night at award-winning Tahi Eco-Retreat in Pataua North. Tour a beehive with a beekeeper who will show you how a beehive works, the different areas of a hive and explain how the honey is made, collected and harvested etc. Take a tour of the Honey House through the extraction room and the jarring and labelling room and explain what goes on. Taste raw honey at the hive and the finished product back at the kitchen.

Stay overnight at one of Tahi’s stunning renovated cottages overlooking Pataua Beach. Wake up to the sounds of birds, then take a guided bush walk through Tahi’s expansive grounds learning about the native birds and plants living there. Your afternoon is free to explore the beach and grounds or book an optional kayak trip, paddleboard or surf lesson or horse trek on the beach.

Beekeeping and Honey House tour not available on weekends. Honey shop and Café open 27th December to early February.

Social Protocols

  1. Respect the environment - You will be out in nature for this experience so please help protect our environment by taking all your rubbish with you.
  2. Be a great listener - Have fun and stay safe by following instructions carefully.
  3. Please and thank you - A friendly reminder to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ lots for all the people who will be helping you during this experience.
  4. Stay safe in the outdoors - Your guides know the environment better than anyone and are there to keep you safe; listen to ALL their instructions, ALL the time.

Cultural Protocols

  1. A chance to relax - This experience is one way Kiwis like to relax and enjoy life so it will seem very relaxed. Have fun, enjoy slowing down (away from work or study) and relax!
  2. Be a respectful visitor - You will be a guest during this experience, so please be respectful. Two important Māori customs are to take your shoes off indoors and avoid sitting on tables or pillows.
  3. Hello and goodbye in Māori - If you want to start practising some basic Māori phrases, you could try using ‘Kia ora’ (hello) and ‘Ka kite’ (goodbye).
  4. Tipping is optional - Tipping in cafes and restaurants isn't common in NZ, but if you receive exceptional service, feel free to compliment the staff (and of course tip them if you would like to).
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