How Does BeKiwi Work?

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How do I build my BeKiwi profile?

Building your BeKiwi profile is easy – you just need to book your first experience and you’re away!

As you complete experiences, you can click on the Tick to show you’ve done them, and they’ll be added into your profile under ‘Completed Experiences’. As you add experiences to your profile, you’ll also activate the different categories and you can watch your Future Skills go up too!

We have a rating system for your profile, so the more Experiences you complete and the more Future Skills you learn, the higher your rating will go! As you complete Experiences, you can also rate your experiences (from 1 to 5 stars) to give Experience providers and other travellers feedback about how you found your experience. Your rating will appear on the website for others to see. 

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How can I use my BeKiwi profile?

We’ve created profiles on BeKiwi because we think it’s a great way to record all your experiences outside the classroom or work, and because we believe all the skills you can learn through BeKiwi are going to be really valuable for your future. 

We hope your BeKiwi profile becomes a tool that helps you share your learnings with others, and you can also share BeKiwi experiences through Facebook, LinkedIn and email.

Once you’ve completed a number of experiences and your profile has lots going on, you can make your profile public to share with family and friends, and you can also download it to share with a potential employer.

With all your completed experiences, you can personalise them by uploading your own image, so that you can truly customise your profile!

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