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What is leadership?

Leadership skills refer to the attributes required to lead, influence or guide other people towards a shared goal. They can be broken down into sub-skills such as communication, planning, strategic thinking, persuasion and people management. 

There are many different leadership styles and the definition of leadership is widely debated, but ultimately the role of a leader is to set direction, create a vision, and empower others. Leadership skills are best developed through real-life experiences, which will allow you to learn more about yourself and develop your own leadership style.

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Why is it critical to your future?

Even if you aren’t seeking a managerial position, effective leadership skills are extremely valuable to employers. In the past, leaders have often been experts in their fields, but the modern workplace is starting to value leaders with a diverse range of soft skills. More and more companies are adopting a flatter structure with less hierarchy, meaning individuals need to possess leadership skills in order to be productive and self-manage. 

Leadership skills are critical as they demonstrate that you’re organised, focussed and motivated. To be a good leader is to work well in a team environment, to be a source of positivity and to be a good motivator, all of which contribute to a happy, healthy workplace.

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