Problem Solving

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What is problem solving?

Problem solving skills refer to the ability to use logic to make sense of a problem, calmly identify solutions, and handle stressful or difficult situations.

As humans we encounter problems on a daily basis, even if we don’t realise it. It’s estimated that the average adult makes 35,000 individual decisions every day, some of which are subconscious and others which require a great deal of thought.

Being a good problem solver can be highly beneficial to both our personal and professional lives by simplifying decision making and ultimately relieving stress.

Like many other soft skills, problem solving abilities are best developed through experiential learning by acquiring knowledge, observing others, seeking out opportunities to problem solve and practicing how you’d respond to different scenarios.

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Why is it critical to your future?

No matter what kind of job you’re doing, you will encounter a variety of problems that require complex solutions.

Problem solving is a sought after skill for employers as it generally indicates that you’re self-sufficient and reliable, requiring little need for assistance.

It also shows that you feel comfortable making decisions and rising to challenges.  Problem solvers are highly proactive and always on the lookout for future issues, which can drastically reduce pressure on an employer.

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