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What is resilience?

Resilience in the ability to bounce back from challenges, disappointments and set-backs in everyday life.

To show resilience doesn’t mean you haven’t suffered distress, it just demonstrates that you’re capable of adapting to adversity and change. Someone who is emotionally resilient is able to look at a negative situation objectively, reframe it in a positive way and learn from it.

Resilience is a complex but essential skill to master, involving both mental and physical elements.

While the traits of resilience can be taught, the skill itself is best developed in real-life situations. 

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Why is it critical to your future?

Stressful and unexpected challenges are guaranteed in the modern workplace, whether it’s responding to a mistake, tackling a big workload or even dealing with a difficult colleague.

People who lack resilience can find themselves easily overwhelmed in these situations, which can even lead to burnout.  Being able to respond effectively to challenges and changes in the workplace shows that you can work well under pressure, a highly desirable trait to employers.

Adapting to change also offers opportunities for learning and development, so being resilient at work is beneficial to both you and your employer. 

People who are resilient at work often feel less stress and anxiety in their day to day lives, ultimately leading to improved mental health.

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