Social Responsibility

Conservation in Auckland

What is social responsibility?

To be socially responsible means that you act in a way that benefits the welfare of society and the environment as a whole rather than just yourself.

It is built on ethical values such as accountability, transparency and respect. 

Social responsibility is best learnt and developed through real-life experiences, such as engaging in environmental work, volunteering or giving back to the community.

These experiences will allow you to see how your actions directly impact the world around you.

Conservation in New Zealand

Why is it critical to your future?

Although it’s not a requirement, in recent years it has become an expectation that all companies should operate in a socially responsible way, ensuring their impacts on society and the environment are both ethical and sustainable.

It’s a quality that many consumers consider before making any purchasing decisions, and it can improve a company’s brand awareness.

For these reasons, possessing a sense of social responsibility is highly desirable to employers.

Being able to come up with new ideas to enhance sustainability practices and improve public image shows that you’re proactive and eager to drive the business forward. It shows that you’re willing to adapt to the inevitable changes and challenges of the modern workplace.

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