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What is teamwork?

Teamwork is the ability to work well with other people in a collaborative environment.

In the workplace this could mean group projects, meetings and even just day to day conversations.

It goes hand in hand with communication skills, requiring the ability to effectively share ideas, actively listen and understand others.

It also requires patience, reliability, respect and the capacity to manage conflict. 

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Why is it critical to your future?

At every stage of your career, you will be required to work with other people in some way, and most employers will want reassurance that you’re a “team player” before bringing you on board.

Mastering your teamwork skills will ensure you can perform in a way that is free of conflict or frustration. If you can’t work well in a team, it will negatively affect your relationships and career opportunities. 

Working well as a team increases efficiency, as everyone is working towards a common goal with the same set of objectives.

Effective teamwork can reduce the overall stress of the workplace, with work often being shared equally amongst team members according to their individual strengths. Teamwork also provides opportunities to learn from each other, and to generate creative ideas that can only be achieved through group discussions.

The biggest benefit of teamwork is that it fosters a healthy and positive environment. When everyone gets along, people are happier and in turn more motivated and productive. 

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