The return of slow travel in NZ - what does this mean?

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You’ve probably noticed that the reason people want to travel, and also where they want to travel to, has changed a lot since the arrival of Covid-19.

Slow travel has been named the way forward and so we’re keen to see what this trend means for everyone travelling. So, what is slow travel? We’ve got you covered with our all you need to know guide!

Slow travel is all about your mindset! It’s all about the quality of your experiences instead of the quantity of them. It’s all about embracing your destination and being present in your surroundings. It’s a great way to learn and interact with new lifestyles and communities.


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Why travel slowly?

It can be stressful travelling to lots of different places and trying to squeeze everything in and you might miss something along the way. It can be quite draining, making it an experience that isn’t actually very fun. By travelling slowly, it gives you the opportunity to experience things that you might overlook if you’re just trying to move on to the next destination. It’s all about unplugging, taking time for yourself and really connecting. Whether it’s connecting to the food, culture, or most importantly to the people.

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How to slow travel
  • Don’t try to see everything on your list – there is always next time. Plan lightly to create space for unexpected moments to happen where you can create memories that only the experience of travel can.
  • Live like a local. When you get to your destination, chat to a few of the locals and learn the ins and outs of the city. They know more than you do so take their advice and use it to your advantage. A great way to live like a local is to get a house sitting job!
  • Be prepared to grow. Make this a time to embrace the feeling of being outside of your comfort zone. This is a great chance for you to grow and learn so don’t hold yourself back!
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The benefits of slow travel

The benefits of slow travel are endless from living like a local to be more respectful towards the environment when travelling. Not only does slow travel give you enough time to unpack and get the most out of your destination but it is also kinder on the environment and your wallet.

It’s a great idea for you to get involved with the community when travelling slow. Here is a list of our top opportunities in your destination to get involved with:

Slow travel is all about sustainability of your energy and our environment

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